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Redwood Reminiscing Again...

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

On the back of yesterday's post about Boswell's in Campbell, I began reflecting on the shift Redwood took two or three years into our time together. Roberto, AKA Robonzo, in all his wisdom, started reaching out to winery venues. Over a year or two, we built out a half dozen relationships with venues requesting the "acoustic" side of Redwood. Honestly, the shift was great. Good money, early evening or afternoon hours, and complimentary wine! Pretty early on, we took some time to record some demos to shop to these venues. It's a stark contrast to the Boswell's show for sure...

Sheryl Crow - Strong Enough

Oasis - Wonderwall

Fiona Apple - Criminal

Matchbox Twenty - 3 AM

Incubus - Drive

Seal - Crazy

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